Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A bit o' lottie history

Look what I found in my shed - some allotment history hidden amongst the books I inherited. It was a very exciting find. These two old photos are very cool.

The 'shed end', loaded up with all manner of veg. The shed's got some trellis on it which is a good idea. Maybe I'll reinstate it :) The two sheds to the right don't exist on that plot anymore and the other side is nice and tidy these days, with 2 sheds of its own.

Look at this mega squash haul!! No pressure to produce this on the allotment myself then! Hmm, what do you do with that many pumpkins?


Jo said...

Blimey! Never seen that many squash all together before. Which do you suppose was their favourite?

Steph said...

i can't see the giant ones being good 'eaters'. i think the blue ones are intriguing so i'll plump for them! this explains why there were so many squash seed packs in the shed then :)