Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Hello! More or less everything has finished on the allotment now. All I need to do next is dig and put in bulbs I have bought - flowers (narcissi, irises and tulips), and some onions and garlic. I also need to cut back the soft fruit. I'll post about that when I do it!

I did harvest some veggies though - peppers and sweetcorn...

The larger pepper was the only one on the plant. It was really sweet and tasty though. The little ones are in my freezer.

The sweetcorn I grew was SO delicious with some butter and simply steamed in the microwave. It wasn't much of a harvest from 12 plants though. Most of the cobs weren't fully formed so I only really got to eat a few. One cob per plant, most failures. However, I think I will still try it again next year, just a little earlier.

On a random note I got this book recently from a charity shop. Loving the cover! "We've got this book on biscuits. Hmm, what should we put on the cover...?" "I know, a MASSIVE biscuit" hehe!