Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spring's coming

I've noticed the nights are finally getting lighter now. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can go to the allotment after work and be able to see what I am doing!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Tut tut

So, I thought about going to the allotment but I didn't. Saturday I didn't have enough time/light, and Sunday I have to admit to being hungover. I thought I'd prob fall over in a crumpled heap so to save embarrassment I stayed in/went to see 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief', which I enjoyed. Even with Pierce Brosnan's horse legs!! hehe!

Here's a funny photo of me from Sat night, trying my friend's Chilli Pepper cocktail. It was totally revolting! She liked it though.

And thank you for all your comments on my last post. It is heartwarming to know you read my waffle, and most are in the same boat, not quite started either!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

This season I shall mainly be growing onions

Yep, onions it is. I found these did really well last year - and they were a cinch to grow. Plant, water hardly ever and leave to grow :) I also use onions in my cooking all the time, and they last well. Why wouldn't I grow them again?! Last year I just grew 'Red Baron' red onions and they did really well. I am now down to my last 2 in the store cupboard. This time around I've got more to go with the white onions and garlic I planted before Xmas. The packs in the photo are the varieties I'm putting in this time: more Red Baron, Stuttgarter & Centurion. Yes, I'm the last of the big spenders! ;)

I would like to grow peas again this year, and fine/french beans. Might give the runner beans a miss this time around as they were super-prolific! I couldn't keep up. Hmm, maybe I could try them in a simple wigwam with just three plants rather than the full row I did last year... I mean, I like runner beans, but not that many! They did surprise me though - I'd never eat them raw from the supermarket, but like a lot of things grown fresh, they were nice eaten raw when they weren't too big :)

I will not be bothering with broccoli or cauliflower again - too prone to bugs & netting is a pain in the butt! However, I will try chillies again as they did well, as well as sweetcorn I think - give it another try. BUT NO MORE TOMATOES, that is for certain! And definitely more flowers. It was so nice to pick a bunch for my table :)

I am planning on going to the allotment today after a bit of an absence. Hope things aren't too wild down there!

What are you doing at the lottie at the mo?