Saturday, 18 April 2009

A kind gift

Well, halfway through the day and I am taking a break from digging. Was in dire need of a drink so popped home for a rest and to quench my thirst. Stupidly I'd bought lots of food and snacks to keep my energy levels up but I totally forgot about getting thirsty and had no drink! Oops.

Anyhoo, lots of people at the allotments today. 'Tis sunny you see. Luckily not the full sun we had forecast or we'd all melt I think! I've met more friendly people today - Chris who is one of my neighbours John's brother. He was snaffling John's rhubarb!! Chris also has a plot and I think he said his shed is called Twin Peaks or something!

I also met another neighbour, the plot across the access road from mine. He is also a John. He's had his plot for 20 years and it is immaculate. Puts mine to shame. He gave me a gift which was very sweet, especially as we only spoke for about 5 minutes. He's given me some seed potatoes - Charlotte - which are ready to go in the ground now and will be good to harvest about July. It was very touching :)

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