Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Allotment plan - initial map

So, the plot got measured last night and I was quite surprised to find out it was over 50m by 5m (with 1m paths down each edge) - bloody big! I've made a quick to-scale map of what is where so I can start to decide this year's plan. Some things are missing so I need to add them in like the tree, pond, compost bins etc but this plan should really help me think about what I'd like where.

G.A. = globe artichokes, dark brown patches = dug over, light brown = to weed/dig, green = grass paths

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Beady Bugs said...

Wow that's huge Steph! Loving the veg you're digging up already. Sooo wish I was nearer and could come and help you with your weeding! :-)

HP x