Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bank holiday begins & Bob Flowerdew

Finally it's here - a long weekend - AND the weather's meant to be pretty good! Got lots planned, mainly planting out and building frames and cages. Hopefully all will go swimmingly. Wish me luck :) What are you up to?

My folks brought me a gift, along with their help, which I'm very greatful for - the help, though the book too, of course! It's Bob Flowerdew's "The N0-work Garden". Anything that makes life easier eh! I liked this review of it. It's also where I got the post photo from - my book's cover is a bit different.


Anonymous said...

Flipping heck Steph.... how keen are you? 7am on a Saturday and talking about gardening??? Hopefully the sunhat will get an airing for a few days before it changes on Monday. Don't work too hard. J

Jo said...

No long weekend for me. I'm working tomorrow.

Hoping to get down to the lottie today and doing similar things to you. I've got my peas to plant and they will need netting along with the strawberries.

I can't imagine a garden with no work involved. I'm aching today from the work I did at the allotment yesterday!