Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Today's job - begin clearing the land

So, back after an Easter away I was itching to get started on my plot. Tonight I tackled the plot at the road end of my allotment. This was covered in dead squash and needed all the dry strands and fruits clearing before I could even think about digging. As you can see there were quite a few to get rid of. I filled two buckets full.

And I am afraid that is where the work stopped! My friend Paul came over to see my new plot and I had to give him the tour. He was very impressed and I have to keep him sweet - he has had experience of allotments and is offering his services as digger/waterer/company which will be great :) His mum also is very into gardening so I hope to get some tips. That is one of the things I love about gardening - inheriting tips and tricks, along with passing tools and advice along.

I also met more plot neighbours and someone else who just said 'hello' as he walked by. I am feeling very welcome already which is lovely :)

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