Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Hope you had a lovely Xmas

Here are a couple of festive photos from my flat. I had a lovely time as host with my family. We played games, over-ate and made merry. All great fun :) This is my first day alone and the place seems really quite empty. I hope all of you had a lovely time whatever you got up to.

Sending you Happy New Year wishes :) Here's to an exciting and eventful 2010!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Winter wilderness

Aww, it looks so sad at the moment at the allotment. I am currently juggling a zillion things I need to do before Xmas but I had a day of holiday from work today so I took the chance to get up to the allotment. I did some clearing - piling up dead vegetation to make the site look a bit more presentable. I just wish I had more time to devote to the allotment as the light faded before I could get everything done I wanted to. I really get into it when I am down there. That is, once all the chatting with other plotholders is over, which is lovely, but takes up precious time! I don't think they realise what little free time I have. It is easy when you're retired! :P

I did get the bulbs in that I'd bought, which was an important job to do. Below is a little plan of what went where. I'm pleased my verbena and lady's mantle is still going strong :)

I really hope I can get down there again soon but there is so much 'life' to get on with it is always hard to find the time. I need to prune the fruit some more, and all that grass HAS to go!

If I don't blog again before - HAPPY CHRISTMAS! x