Sunday, 12 April 2009

Allotment produce already growing

I really have come top trumps in the allotment lottery. You don't pick a plot, of course, you are allocated one. I was lucky. I didn't receive one full of brambles and all overgrown. Oh no, I got one with an amazing shed, full of tools and bits of useful 'stuff', along with crops already planted and growing! Most of these I have more or less identified. Here goes...

gooseberries - don't like them myself but i know folk that do! they do look pretty amazing though :)

black?currant perhaps - i know it is either black or red currant as 'betty', the old allotment owner's mum told me so! lots of flowers anyway so that is looking promising :)


parsnips, i think - yum! [edit: yes, defo!]

smaller onions, maybe shallots? garlic? [edit: just onions]

onions [edit: no, these are spring onions - delish!]

globe artichoke (there are about 4 of these). never had them but apparently they're nice. they look spectacular so i am looking forward to seeing these

asparagus - discovered this while poking about on day2. i LOVE asparagus :D:D


um...? answers on a postcard! i have 2 rows of this stuff - not sure if they are identical, but the leaves are similar.

so, yes, very lucky! lots of goodies to get me started. will keep you posted on how they get on.

my next post will be about my amazing shed which i am in love with! hehe!

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