Wednesday, 8 April 2009

My first allotment

i have an allotment! my very first. i'm so excited! been waiting a year already and they said it would take 3 years for one to become available. 'ken' from the parish council called me yesterday and offered me a plot. went to look at it yesterday and it is perfect! imagine the best allotment ever. got it? well, i have that plot! hehehe! can't wait to be in my own bit of outdoors. one thing living in a flat i have really missed is having some outdoor space. a balcony just doesn't cut the mustard!

so much has been done already which is better than getting a daunting bit of soil. so, there is:
  • shed with massive window to sup tea in, including shelving
  • a rustic seat under a cute tree to drink wine from
  • a pond
  • globe artichokes already in
  • lots of raspberry/currant canes already established
  • a row of strawberries
  • a row of onions or something(!)
  • 3 big water butts
  • a big compost heap
  • not too many weeds/quite good soil to get going on
  • a 'friend' already called john, who said hello and gave me a tour of the plot and CLEARLY has plot envy as he was going on that i should take it and it is the best plot on the allotment!!!
allotment party anyone? ;) hehe! :D

i chose the name "The Green Grower" as it works on a few levels - 'green' in the colour sense, 'green' in that i am totally new to all this and 'green' in that i'd ideally like to be as organic as possible. the 'grower' part is pretty obvious!

this blog will be a record of day1 to whenever! i am a total novice gardener. always loved gardens and the idea of gardening and having an allotment to grow my own produce has always been a dream. now i have one so you can see how i get on. i'll also use this blog as a useful history of when i have planted things, how things have fared etc. all tips/tricks/advice welcome so do feel free to comment. wish me luck!


Jo said...

Congratulations on getting your lottie.

I have just got an allotment too, however, your's sounds as though it's in better shape than mine.

Looking forward to following your progress.

Steph said...

thanks jo. its the luck of the draw i guess! would love to see yours too. thanks for the comment. stick with me and we'll see how we get along. i've already thrown down the gauntlet with my older brother who lives in kent - we are having a sunflower-growing competition!!

Jo said...

I have just started a blog too, I thought it would be a good idea to chart the progress on my allotment.

You can see pics of my allotment on my blog if you click on my name. I don't have as many interesting things on mine though, mainly weeds! Oh, and no quirky shed!