Thursday, 16 April 2009

Some shopping and my 1st allotment meal

Well, it blooming well rained ALL DAY here. Boo @ that! I was all psyched to dig but that didn't really happen. So, horror of horrors, I HAD to go shopping again! Terrible. I hate shopping... ;) So, I did the b&q/homebase run and checked out allsorts of things I might/might not get. They have lots of veg plants on special at the mo and as I got my lottie a bit late (and I am on hols for 3 weeks!) I may invest in some of these and save some of my seeds for later/next season. I did buy a few things - some compost for potting seeds, a plastic trug-type thing kinda like a flexible bucket. I'm sure it has a proper name! It was another bargain - about £3.50 where I have seen them elsewhere for about £6. It was reduced for some reason but looked fine to me. Lovely colour blue too. I also got sucked in by a 3 for 2 on garden refuse bin bags. There is way too much to compost once I sort out the allotment so I thought it was a wise investment. I will have to make a few trips to the tip I think! Speaking of compost, the first piccy in this post is of 'Captain Compost', my new kitchen compost caddy. Don't ask me why I have given it a name!!! I was also looking at bbqs. I think an allotment party or two is definitely in order. Pimms o'clock and all that!!

I did do practical things at the allotment once I'd dumped all... sorry, put away nicely(!) my new purchases in the shed. My new plants needed a good water. Got to keep them happy before they find new homes. Still need to plan where I want things. Must remember to measure out the plot next time I am down there on Saturday. I also bought a big pot to confine my garden mint and planted that this evening. I don't want mint going everywhere as it spreads like nobody's business!

On my way back to the car, when it was virtually dark, I decided to pull up some of my veg for tea. I grabbed some spring onions (which I had previously thought were onions) for tea and some parsnips which I will have tomorrow I think.

Don't they scrub up well?!

There's nothing quite as tasty as home-grown food.

And here is what I ate. Spring onions fried in olive oil, scrambled egg, seafood and a little soy. Yummy!

Oh, I also found some rhubarb on the plot. I think it is mine! It is on the path border but it looks like it is mostly on my plot. Wahey!


Jo said...

You really have struck gold with your allotment. Harvesting already!

I love looking round garden centres and nurseries planning what to put on my shopping list. I usually come away with something that isn't on my list.

Steph said...

yeah, but one day i'm sure you'll find a use for that gadget you frittered money on! i swear shopping is good for the soul anyway ;)

vegmonkey said...

That looks fantastic...i don't think i've ever seen such a head start on an allotment, it all looks amazing'!

I am also in Cheltenham, been blogging for about 2 years and only recently got plot, after beginning in back garden. It's great to see somebody else in Cheltenham blogging and growing...i know there are a few in Gloucester but seems like it's just use in Chelters. I'm on the Hayden Road site off tewksbury Road but live in Leckhampton. How about you?

Steph said...

I'm really made up with the allotment I've got. Couldn't wish for more really :)

My allotment's in Prestbury and live in Prestbury so it is a 4 minute walk or a 30 second drive! I have been popping over every night after work. I feel really relaxed when I am there. Maybe because I am away from modern living - no computer or glass studio to remind me of work! Not that I don't love making things out of glass but being outside is just calming, even when you are grafting!

I've added your blog to my list. Can you add me too?

vegmonkey said...

No worries, will do! Like you rglass thingys too, do you by any chance do workshops for school children?

Steph said...

thanks :) no, i'm afraid not.