Thursday, 23 April 2009

Picked and packed

Well, I have so many spring onions ready to eat I am spreading the veggie love! I picked and 'packed' these beauties for the folks at work.

I also got another crop of asparagus after only a couple of days. This stuff grows mega-fast! Not a problem though, I love it! Might have to get a harvesting volunteer to keep on top of it whilst I am on hols. I am sure I can find someone who likes asparagus! Having it again for tea tonight - yummy :) There's the asparagus festival on near me at the mo (started today) so I am thinking of popping up there this weekend with my aunt and uncle, who are down for a visit. We're also going for a woodland bluebell walk, I think :)

Tonight there wasn't much light at the allotment but I was there for a couple of hours until it was too dark to see (even though I still wanted to stay!). Made a start on my strawberry row. It is totally overgrown with grass and it is going to take a while to weed. I also marked out where I want my paths so my lovely lottie neighbour, John, who has volunteered to cut my grass, can see which bit needs cutting. This should also help my friend Paul know which area to strim! Aren't men handy ;)

I didn't take any photos of the lottie tonight as, to be honest, my clearing looked rather feeble and pathetic! But as you allotment folk know, lots of effort goes into something but you don't always see a big result straight away. It was also dark!


Jo said...

I love spring onions. Mine are only just poking their noses through the soil.
You've hit lucky getting a plot with asparagus already growing.

Paul and Melanie said...

Oh wow, another Gloucestershire allotment blog! :)

Been a bit slow finding your blog but it's a great read and I'll be following it from now on :)

Those spring onions look good... I've got some sown on the window ledge at the mo which are about 4 inches tall but all thin and floppy.. Perhaps they need to go outside, or perhaps they're dying....

Where was that asparagus fest out of interest, wish I'd known about it, would have been fun to go along.

Steph said...

welcome to the blog paul and melanie! always nice to know folk are interested.

fear not, you haven't technically missed the asparagus festival as it is on 23rd april to 21st june. more info here: