Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New tools

You can't work an allotment without tools. It would be pretty difficult just by hand so we all need something to help out. Well, lots of 'somethings'! Luckily I had many either attached to the shed(!) or inside. I didn't have the starters though - a digging fork and spade, nor basic hand tools, so I went shopping. :)

Here's my new digging fork and spade - not the most expensive but they appealed to me the most. I felt a bit silly trying them out in the shop but it had to be done! They have nice rubbery grip handles and I liked the extra grip near the blade end for lifting. I doubt they will stay as shiny for long! Also in this picture is my new bucket (99p!) and my gloves - 2 pairs, which I bought a while back when I was doing conservation volunteering. One pair is thick for getting thorny things and the other pair are for general purpose jobs. I bought the more expensive gloves so they'd last a while and protect my artist's hands! The other item I've just bought is the pop-up bin which I am using to collect weeds etc in until I get a wheelbarrow. It was £3 but was the only one left in the shop and had already been a bit soiled so I was offered it half price for £1.50 - yay! I swear one day I'll use it and it will pop open right in my face though - just my luck and that thing has a real quick ping!!

This photo shows my new hand tools and some old bits and bobs. Again, the hand tools have comfortable rubbery grip handles. The last thing I want to get is blisters when I work. The other items in this photo are finds in the shed: safety goggles, metal hook and old handleless blade, as well as secateurs found at the bottom of a box in the shed which seem perfectly good to me :)

Yes, the shed, I need to post about all the finds I made once I got the key. Found something today - the green sack in the first photo of this post was a new surprise - it is full of netting!


Jo said...

I too have been shopping for tools. I decided on the Joseph Bentley range but bought the border size rather than the full size (I'm a weakling).

The previous plot holder kindly left me his wheelbarrow. It's a little rusty but does the job!

Steph said...

very nice too :) yeah, i went for a smallish spade and fork. no point doing your back in just lifting the tool, let alone with anything on it! ha!

a wheelbarrow eh? that's really nice to have. i dont count the one left on my plot - a flat-tyred rust bucket which was some odd display!! my dad has a spare but it is 200 miles away at the mo - not much use!

isn't it fun buying new tools :)