Thursday, 2 July 2009

Revised allotment plan

Now I have a lot more planted it is about time I revised my allotment plan. Quite a bit has gone in now with more planned soon. It's great to see it filling up and things growing well :)

G.A. = globe artichokes, dark brown patches = dug over, light brown = to weed/dig, green = grass paths, light green = grass areas to turn into beds


Laundrybasketcase said...

Yes! I think I can finally post comments if I use Safari instead of Firefox. Ugh - so frustrating though. Wow, I forget how big your allotment is. Mmmm, yum, Leeeeeks! You have got to make Leek soup when the time is right

Steph said...

hooray! took you a while but nice to see you :) yes, it is rather big!!

Jo said...

You're more organised than me. I've made a rough plan showing areas for particular groups - potatoes, legumes, roots etc. to use for crop rotation, but that's about it.

Steph said...

well, i am a graphic designer after all so my plan is probably a bit OTT! at least being a digital file, it easy to update. need to add 'spinach' in soon, as well as 'butternut squash' and 'golden courgettes' :) your plan is probably all that is needed! mine is even to scale!!! i'm a right saddo :P