Sunday, 5 July 2009

Mini greenhouse

I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd built the mini greenhouse. Well, here it is in situ. I've tried to put it somewhere where it won't blow over but there are no guarantees of that! The temperature does get quite reasonable inside there so I am hoping it will be good for getting seeds going. It's done wonders for bringing on the marigolds after only a couple of days inside it.
I've planted out a tray of chive seed and also put the basil plants in there to hopefully get them a big bigger.

I also spotted this little critter on the zip. It's a ladybird larva and welcome he is too! I popped him on a plant before I opened up the greenhouse.


Laura said...

Alright, Mrs Flowerdew?!

What a fab-o blog. Looks like you're having an ace time doing all your gardening. Good for you!

All those juicy berries in the earlier posts look yum!

Laura x

Steph said...

thanks! yes, it is keeping me very busy. not made glass for a bit but as the climate for buying is a bit slow at the moment, i am making the most of nature and nurture :)

Jo said...

I have one of those mini-greenhouses. I find it really useful in the very early months for putting inside the greenhouse to give extra protection to seedlings, and then once the weather warms up I move it outside and it gives me extra growing space.
I've noticed loads of ladybird larva just lately.

LaundryBasketCase said...

Loving the new header! Those mini greenhouses are great, just make sure you don't scorch your smaller seedlings like I did- they get a bit hot zipped down. But you'll be able to grow loads for next summer. We'll do some seed swapping in the winter. x