Monday, 6 July 2009


Vandals. Bloody vandals. Looks like they've been trying to get into my shed. Didn't manage it but they made a mess of the door. Another job for me to do. It's put a real downer on the lottie for me tonight. I'm going to take all the decorative tools off the shed (up still from the old tenants) and reinforce the door - they've made a hole in one of the panels which needs fixing up. I'll also put some stuff on the window to make it opaque but to still allow the light in, just so folk can't see in. *sigh*. I did notice that John's shed has been broken into and the one next to it. Looks like they've had a go at a few of the sheds. SO FRUSTRATING.


Kella said...

Just wanted to say I'm sorry that you had to experience this.

Steph said...

yeah, me too. and there i was just the day before thinking how the allotment was such a nice place to be as everyone's so community-minded, generous and lovely. as usual it's the minority who spoil it for the majority. guess i will have to use that shed alarm after all! ...contemplating boobytraps with a few old rusty scythes, indiana jones style, too! ;)

Jo said...

It must be so disheartening. Allotments are lovely places to be, and yet the actions of the minority can spoil it for us all. Try not to let them get you down!