Sunday, 5 July 2009

What's going on down't lottie? - PART 2

More photos of the 'growings on' (groan!) down the lottie...

2x 'garden pearl' tomatoes in full flower. Lots of flowers! I like this variety as it is teeny tiny and grows close to the ground rather than up so I don't need to stake it. Both plants are looking really healthy and I even spied a little fruit forming. It's about 1cm across so really 'ickle!

The 'money maker' aubergines (I have 5 plants) are all in flower now. They're looking beautiful. Such dark stems and lovely purple flowers.

Here's another photo of the sweetcorn. It's now about 25-30cm high and is looking really good. I was a bit worried they wouldn't take at first but it is always nice to be proved wrong :)

I spotted these self-seeded rogue nasturtiums growing at the end of the soft fruit. They're very pretty with the leaves a blue-green.

There are more raspberries than I know what to do with!

The globe artichokes are looking very productive with a fair few on each plant. I will have to try them soon, maybe next weekend when my folks come to visit again.

The 'money maker' tomatoes are producing fruit now in the shed. They are SO thirsty though and are such a responsibility! I need to water them every day and I think even that might not be quite enough. Worse than having a pet :P

Very first cauliflower starting to form. Yay! Exciting :)

Sweet williams, self-seeded. These remind me of my childhood home where these grew wild in the meadow.

Double geum. This plant has given a wonderful show of colour.

Finally, the cosmos sensation if starting to show signs of flowering. It has grown really big and although the feathery leaves are interesting, I was hoping it would flower for me.

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