Monday, 29 March 2010

Clingfilm magic & other jobs

Don't you just love pound shops? You can get all sorts of goodies. I picked up these mini poly tunnels for 99p each. I bought 4 to see how I go with them. I'm currently growing some peas under them - single rows of Kelvedon Wonder either side of the trellis.

The daffs are now in full bloom and look very nice in the strawberry bed :)

Tackling the grassy wilderness is my next 'to do' task. I marked out some strip beds (and on Sunday I dug one out into 3 mini beds with paths between).

Brew on!

Nick spotted a palette box and salvaged it. He's super-pleased with his clingfilm cold frame. It is pretty impressive you have to admit.

I put up some willow trellis on the side of the shed for my sweet peas.

The pulmonaria is now in bloom. So pretty!

Nick bought some Orla potatoes which should be ready to plant very soon.

I planted out lots of seeds under the cold frame...

L-R: spring onions, broccoli, radish, kohl rabi, leek, celariac.

We got a fire going to clear the dead leftovers from last year. Mucho smoke!

I moved the two black compost bins to the 'road end' of the plot and filled them up.

Nick dug over the large 1st bed.

And I put down some chipboard to cover up the sticky mud puddle outside the shed door.


Jo said...

You're really getting going on everything now. Clingfilm comes in handy for all manner of things, but it's the first time I've seen a coldframe made of it. Your seeds should come on fine under that.

allot of veg said...

Way too much activity - putting me to shame. Looking good though. P.S. Clingfilm is also good for first aid should you burn or cut yourself - good for keeping things stable/ clean until you can get things looked at properly.

Kella said...

I'm another feeling put to shame by all your jobs you are getting done.

What a cool idea to create a clingfilm coldframe. You should really be more generous and share Nick around :)

The pound stores are certainly a great place at this time of the year.