Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mother's Day & a little MORE shopping!

Well, I just thought I'd get my mum an additional present for Mother's Day (I've already sorted 'something' out) and whilst I was there I spotted something I wanted to get. Seemed a good deal too - something called a 'honeyberry' (2x plants) and with that, I got a free blueberry (wanted to get a partner for my existing plant), as well as a goji berry. I look forward to it arriving and I do hope mum likes her 'extra' gift :)

Here's the blurb on the stuff I got for myself:

If you like blueberries then you will love honeyberries. They have a similar flavour but they are just a bit sweeter. And they have the same levels of vitamins and antioxidants. You'll get two Honeyberry plants in one pot - one male and one female to ensure pollination. They are just so easy to grow; just plant them in a large pot of multi-purpose compost and they will grow to form a 5ft bush which start fruiting in May. Honeyberries, although new, are extremely popular items and stocks are limited. So order now to ensure delivery. Free with your Honeyberry:• Blueberry Bluecrop - Bestseller. Superb mid-season variety, producing large tasty berries from end of July. Grows to a 4' bush. Frost tolerant.• Goji Berry - The new tasty superfood. Pretty 2cm berries with mild, sweet flavour. Incredibly high in antioxidants. Very hardy. Likes a sunny spot. Grows to 6' tall.

I look forward to getting this in April :)


Kella said...

Steph please be sure the goji berry is UK sown and grown as imported plants from Asia have been known to spread disease.

This link might be useful:

Steph said...

hi kella, it is from suttons so i am trusting they are good plants

Kella said...

Yes I would think Sutton should be a reputable source.

Have a great weekend, by the way how is the knitting?

Jo said...

The honeyberry sounds fab and less fussy than the blueberry which needs to be potted in ericaceous compost.

Steph said...

ah, good, now i can comment on my own posts at work! for some reason it wont let me when the embedded version is selected.

kella - not knitted a thing since being back from my ski holiday. it will have to take a back seat for a while, now the weather is looking more promising. i've been going to bed early (still on austria time!) and getting up early to do some glass work for orders. my weekend plan is mainly going to be going to the allotment and going out in the evenings with friends. sounds fun to me!

jo - anything called 'honeyberry' sounds fab whatever! ;)

LaundryBasketCase said...

honeyberries do sound good, I like honey, and I like blueberries. Yum. x