Saturday, 20 March 2010

Eggs & seeds

Look at these beauties! Real eggs with real poo on them :P A lady at work keeps hens (which was news to me!) and had brought some eggs in to sell. I got these for £1. Money well spent I think. I love all the different shapes, sizes and colours. Delish too! One day I will keep hens of my own...

I also got more seeds last week. Need to plant, hopefully tomorrow. Today, I am hung over :P

calafornian poppies: sunshine mixed, mangetout: oregon sugar pod,
spinach: gigante de invierno (giant of winter)

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Jo said...

I'd love to keep chickens but it's written in our house deeds that livestock isn't allowed, nor are we allowed them on the allotment. My daughter helps out at the farm at school though and often brings home eggs, you can really taste the difference. I'm growing Californian poppys too this year.