Sunday, 11 April 2010

Back from a little break

Hello! Back to it now. Been away for Easter plus a bit longer 'oop narth' with my family. Hope you had a nice Easter and didn't eat too many eggs. I did. Those mini caramel ones. So tasty, damn them!

I hear that some of my seeds are starting to come through already so I'll be off up to the lottie later today with my camera.

When I was away I bought a hanging basket of tomatoes - yes, yes, I know I said 'never again' on the tomatoes, but this way I can try them on the balcony at home, so at least looking after them won't be too difficult if they're just outside the door. I also picked up 2 rhubarb plants for a bargainous price of £1.80 per plant. They will be planted out later.

Hope you've all had a good Easter and got some lottie work done. I look forward to catching up on your antics. Photos of my antics to be posted later! :)

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