Monday, 8 March 2010

New post coming!

Ow. I am aching! I went to the allotment on Sunday - a glorious sunny day - to finally get started on digging, pruning, etc. I was away last week in Austria, having a whale of a time skiing. I still felt energetic so off to the allotment I went. I dug a brand new bed at the 'shed end' for 2 hours, then spent the rest of the time tidying dead stuff, burning waste and pruning. No planting but I felt a great sense of achievement with what I did do.

I'm going to post properly with lots of photos, but my camera was playing silly beggars this morning. Hopefully I'll sort it out and get a pic-heavy post ready for tomorrow.

I hope you've managed to get some work done at your allotments. I look forward to catching up on other blogs to see what people are doing, now spring is almost upon us :)


Jo said...

It sounds like you've been busy. I still haven't been to my allotment, although I sent hubby there on Saturday to do some digging.

allot of veg said...

Skiing - so envious BC (before children)we used to ski. Maybe next year...but there again wouldn't you rather be planting onions?

Steph said...

jo - i like your style! get your man to do the donkey work :P when do you think you might make it down there? what seedlings you got going?

aov - ha! hmm, onions v skiing - no, i'm afraid skiing wins!! there is immense satisfaction in growing your own but it does pale in comparison to whizzing down a piste. get the kids on the slopes. they seem to be naturals at it. low centre of gravity and all that. :)

Jo said...

Why have a dog and bark yourself? Actually, he went off there while I stayed at home and did some sowing. I've got peas, brussels, psb and various flowers waiting to germinate. I'm hoping to get a cutting patch going this year. My tomatoes are already potted on. I'm hoping to get to the allotment this week and do some digging myself.

Kella said...

I look forward to reading your updates.