Saturday, 29 August 2009

Prepared pumpkin

So, I managed to harvest one of my pumpkins for me! The other 2 I've harvested so far have gone to a friend and my big bro. I've spent time cutting up the flesh and now I need to cook it to make myself some pumpkin puree. There is a lot of it from just one pumpkin - that is a big pan! I am thinking of making some pumpkin pie, just becasue I've never had it and it sounds good! I hear you can freeze the puree once cooked so I think I will probably do that as I am away Sunday/Monday on a jolly! Maybe I will cook me up a pie next week. The flesh is very pale and smells a little like melon. I will take pics of the mush once it is cooked. Oh, I added a link to my recipes list for pumpkin-related things - prep and recipes.

I am off to the allotment later to see how things are getting on and to do more work. I am going to chuck out the tomatoes in the shed as I have had enough of looking after them and they're not really behaving. A girl can only take so much! I will try to remember the camera this time for more progress photos.

Oh, my spinach is ready to harvest so I think I am going to make a spinach and ricotta lasagne. Found this easy-looking video recipe - also added to my recipe list. I have grown basil from seed so I have that, and I have bay and thyme at the allotment. I will also be able to use the few tommies I have managed to harvest from the shed plants.

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