Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Coming soon

I will be posting soon, promise! Got some nice photos to share :) Currently suffering mowing blisters - so much grass to mow. Need to dig that out for next year I think!!


Jo said...

Hope your blisters heal soon. I've also been pondering what to do next year. I left paths in when I first dug the allotment, but the grass (and weeds) are creeping onto the beds, so I think I'm going to dig and weed the whole lot and then mark out my beds again.

Steph said...

yes, grass is bad! need to get rid of it as i am wasting time mowing it when i could be doing something productive. i am thinking more flowers for next year as the ones i have have really brightened up my flat. need to get some bulbs in now i think so am mulling next year's plan over. won't bother with brassicas again i think - too much effort and liability! def lots more peas - a full row or two. runner beans about the same but try some more exciting varieties, maybe a purple one? more pumpkins and squashes - something like 'petit pan' for def and certainly more sweetcorn. must plant more onions and some garlic for next year and maybe try some fruit trees.