Thursday, 20 August 2009

First pumpkins & a catch up

I've been bad and haven't had much time for the allotment. I've been down to harvest but not done much but mow the grass and plan really. I've only had the plot for a few months but already I am thinking of changing my plans. Firstly, I need to get rid of the grass as I am wasting time mowing it when I could be doing something productive. I am thinking more flowers for next year as the ones I have have really brightened up my flat. I need to get some bulbs in now I think so am mulling next year's plan over. I won't bother with brassicas again I think - too much effort and liability! Def want to have lots more peas - a full row or two. Runner beans about the same (about 6 plants) but try some more exciting varieties, maybe a purple one? More pumpkins and squashes - something like 'petit pan' for def and certainly more sweetcorn. I must plant more onions and some garlic for next year and maybe try some fruit trees. Long list but it does sound like a plan doesn't it?!

So, already harvested my very first pumpkins. I don't know what variety they are unfortunately. They are such a gorgeous colour and shape it seems terrible to cut them up! I gave one to a friend of mine who was with me when I bought the tiny weedy looking plants. She was touched I think and blogged about it here. :) The other I gave to my older brother as he's into growing veg but didn't plant pumpkins this year. I have one on the plot almost ready for me to try which I am looking forward to :) The 4 plants I got are going great guns and I have to keep twisting the plant back into the bed, off the path! Think I will get a great crop of them.

Finally, my tomatoes in the shed have started to ripen. I thought they'd stay green forever! I am not doing the whole tomatoes-in-the-shed malarkey again next year. They needed far too much attention. It was like having kids! ha! It also meant I didn't have much workspace in there. My excuse for not sowing as many seeds as I had planned. I am also pleased the chilli plant I bought is producing fruit too. I picked some teeny red ones and some bigger green ones. There are still plenty on the one plant so that was a bit of a good buy. They are now cleaned up and in the freezer for when I need to use them. The sweet peppers are producing too but not quite ready for picking. The tomatoes I had in the plot have all rotted with all the excess rain we've had which is a shame. The cherry toms especially were going great guns. Hey ho. At least they were only cheap reduced-price plants. You win some...

My aubergines were doing well but have been eaten by slugs. There are more coming on so hopefully they won't get so eaten. The 5 plants I have are still flowering so I'm pleased with their progress :) I am still being inundated with courgettes and runner, french and dwarf beans. The sweetcorn is fattening up and I can't wait for that to be ready.

I had planned to spend some time at the allotment this week, clearing out the brassicas and digging up the spuds. However, I have been a social butterfly instead! I am going to go do some work on today. I need to dig! I hope things are going well for you :)


Jo said...

I don't know if I'm going to bother with brassicas next year either. The slugs seemm to like them more than I do. It's fun though, after our first year, to decide what we will carry on with and what will be changed.

Steph said...

not even a year though, just a few months. i still feel like a total amateur but i like this learning as you go :) planning is always good.

Poppy said...

How can you not have brassicas?!? we are LOVING our kale and it is doing so well, the cabbages have not done so well as I left their plastic bottle tops on far to long but they are recovering now.

Alas I don't think we will be getting any pumpkins as our one plant has not yet started flowering even

Eva said...

Hey Steph, wow you made a good job on those measly pumpkin seedlings from the discount trolley! Well done you!

Maureen said...

Hi there I have just discovered your blog, I don't know how as I was blog hopping, so not sure where I've just hopped from. Anyway ! I just want to say I love your blog and you have done very well for a novice (are you sure you are ??)
I took on my allotment at the end of February 2008, and love it to bits, and had lots of yummy harvests. I grow Lot's of pumpkins and like you use them to cook with, I know some people who grow them just for Halloween. I hope you get time to visit my blog.

I love glass beads, I collect 'Troll beads' 'Lovelinks' and the odd 'Pandora' if they have something I like. my passion for those have cost me £100's but I love wearing them. It must be brilliant to make things with glass. I do all sorts of crafts but have never tried that yet.
all the best