Saturday, 6 June 2009

where have you been??!

i've been the other side of the world! been off on my sabbatical in New Zealand via Hong Kong. very spectacular in NZ and hong kong is very unique. i'm so glad i went, but won't be emmigrating!! it certainly was no relaxing tour. we were mega busy each day and saw so much. usually on the bus by 730 to head off to the next place. got a float plane flight in and a jet boat safari. went up a 62nd floor revolving restaurant in hong kong and did a nighttime boat trip round the harbour. went on a cruise around milford sound, saw loads of waterfalls, a glacier, went on a steam-driven paddleboat, explored the jungle, the beaches, went in a glowworm cave, visited LOTR locations, milked a cow and so much more! busy holiday :D

came back to the expected 2 foot weeds! bit disheartening and scary but a whiz round with the strimmer soon tamed the wilderness! so much has come through and grown in the 3 weeks i was away. all my plantings have been pretty succesful - the charlotte potatoes being the most surprising. boy do they grow fast! no new photos yet but i will get on the case. so much has been done since my last post. my folks and older bro were down to help in the days i still had off from work so we spent 2 days working at the allotment (and i got sunburnt - doh!). dad and col dug a new bed near the shed and having everyone pitch in made such a big difference. lots of weeding was done and the strawberries got a protective net. i have sweetcorn & baby sweetcorn waiting to go in, along with dwarf beans (mum grew these for me when i was away - thanks mum!). i've put in some aubergines and am trying a chilli pepper. i moved some red-skinned potatoes when i was digging over a bed so they must be leftovers! no point throwing them out though. well, i will blog more when i have photos to go with my waffle! hope you're all well and things are growing for you too :)


Jo said...

You sound as though you thoroughly enjoyed your holiday. You did so much!
Yes, everything is growing so quickly at the moment. I think it's down to all the sunshine followed by rain which we've had.

Kella said...

Welcome back sounds like you need a holiday after that holiday :) but that always happen when its a good one.

Sounds Like the lottie was behaving itself ;)