Monday, 22 June 2009

Bringing it all home

As I was away at the weekend I popped by the allotment tonight for a check-over and a water. I was expecting to harvest more strawberries but brought a lot more home than expected :)

I thought I'd bring one of my basil plants home for the kitchen windowsill now it is a reasonable size (grown from seed). They're very slow growers so this has taken a while, but hopefully I can keep it going for a long time. I seem to be quite good with basil plants - water from the bottom!!

Lots more sweet peas were ready for picking. Bit more of a proper bouquet this time around. My lounge smells amazing now!

Strawberry and raspberry tubs full to the brim :)

Raspberries picked from under my net. A lot more now than thursday night's less-than-ten crop! Must be over 1lb there. I had to stop picking as my tub was overflowing! Shared some with the neighbours though :) Think they enjoyed them. I also ate a lot as I was picking them! I'm not a fruit person but real fruit beats shop-bought fruit any day.

Lots more strawberries to be picked - they're even still flowering!

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Jo said...

Your Sweet Peas look pretty. I agree, they smell divine.