Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Just thought I'd make a quick post about the goings-on with the neighbours at my allotment. Someone's been stealing John's gooseberries - they've cleaned him out :( But worse than that, Bev & Andy's shed has been broken into. The lock and a door panel was ripped off. Not sure if anything was taken. The community bobbies were around looking at it on Saturday but they didn't come over to speak to me. I wouldn't be able to help them anyway. There was also a brassica missing from B & A's plot and the netting not replaced neatly so I wonder if the barstewards got to that too? It's so sad as everyone at the allotment is so friendly and generous. The few can so easily spoil things for the majority. *sigh*

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Jo said...

It's really upsetting when things like this happen. Makes my blood boil!