Saturday, 2 May 2009

Making progress

Hours of digging, turning over, raking, building and I'm proud to say I've finally planted something! Garden peas (feltham first) on the cane row (runner beans to go on another joined-on row of canes to the left), as well as a tripod of sweet peas. 2 or 3 more tripods to go in. I ran out of canes! I LOVE sweet peas :) Nice to see the plants where they should be, not trailing about everywhere! It's looking like a proper allotment now :)

Also got my hands on a strimmer to chop down the pesky dandelions. Only managed to roughly attack them but my first go with the strimmer was fun... including covering myself in chopped plant bits!! Next-door-neighbour John loaned me his. :) Need to get him some petrol for it tomorrow.

Mum and Dad were invaluable company, though I think Dad overdid the digging. Alas, he's not a young whippersnapper anymore!

More allotment antics tomorrow.

Oh, a couple of discoveries today - rhubarb growing in with the soft fruit and a watersource right next to my allotment! Huzzah!! I thought the trough belonged to my neighbour but it seems they are refilled on a float system (like a loo) and there are a few around the place - been going around with my eyes closed it seems! Is a bit of a result as it will be great for the 'road end' and I can use the waterbutts for the 'shed end' :)


Kella said...

H I just found your blog and read the whole thing and its fab!!! You are lucky to be given such a lovely lottie full of goodies and I love your inherited shed. I'm a backyard veg grower on a few waiting list but my garden is a good start. Will check back often to read your progress, wishing you a great season.

Steph said...

heya kella & welcome to the blog. great to hear from you and that you enjoyed my blogging. just had a browse at yours and added it to my list. great read :) you look like you know a lot more than me! loving your motto - individuality sure does rock! jewellery making and papercraft too? a woman after my own heart :)

Jo said...

You've been busy! I got my peas planted yesterday too.

There's no water on my site so I'm having to make do with the water butts.

Steph said...

glad your peas are in as well. hope yours do well :) i was very surprised to find the water trough and thought water butts would be my only source too. especially when i noticed someone had been 'borrowing' my water butt water!

Kella said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Steph, my veg growing skills have been honed since I was a wee little girl and I also did agriculture as my base subject when I was in highschool but it is all West Indian based, so I'm having to learn lots re growing crops in the UK which can be difficult at times because I tend to gravitate to the way I would do it in Trinidad, then when I fail miserably I end up tucking my tail between my legs and bend to doing it the UK way (what do they say about teaching an old dog new tricks?).

Though I love crafting I'm afraid I have a long way to get to your skill level, your work is beautiful.