Saturday, 2 October 2010

We love knobbly veg!

Just read an article in the latest copy of delicious magazine. "We all love a comedy vegetable..." - yes, yes, we do! And it is true, the freakily-shaped veg tastes as good, if not better than their more beautiful relations. Take a look at the article & support the campaign here.

This image is fab!


Mal's Allotment said...

Oh Steph, this puts me in a quandry. Mishappen veg are a pain because the yield is dramatically reduced, but we all want the supermarkets to allow less aesthetically pleasing fruit and veg onto the shelves and not throw out apples because they have a blemish or are too big for their size ruling, for instance. As for mishappen parsnips, they're fine for making wine!

ps Why is that beetroot included in the picture?

Steph said...

well, i'd rather food got used than thrown away simply for being a little on the wonky side. i was reading about the stupid regulations on cucumbers and bananas(slightly less relevant in the uk!) - too bendy and they are out. i guess i hate waste and if it is edible it shouldn't be binned just for the sake of aesthetics. a lot of things from my allotment wouldn't pass EU standards but they taste just as good. and come on, everyone loves a laugh at 'rude' veg ;)

Mal's Allotment said...

"well, i'd rather food got used than thrown away simply for being a little on the wonky side."

I'm with you there!

Jo said...

If it's home grown it usually tastes much better than anything you can buy in a supermarket no matter what it looks like.

Why I garden... said...

Knobbly is great! Great pics and article. We grow up thinking fruit and veg has to look perfect or there's something wrong with it. I think its only when I started growing my own I realised that veg such as carrots etc come in many shapes and colours. Home grown with three 'legs' is just as perfect and tastes just as good.