Sunday, 12 September 2010

Um... what do I do with it all?!

It's been a busy w/e doing my glass work. Sorting out a brochure, sending a company images & info for their website, making new glass, taking & editing photos... So, not much lottie time for me.

I didn't get out 'til about 7pm Sunday and only had a little time to do some weeding before it went dark on me. There was lots to harvest. Look at the silly amount of tommies I have.

Only 2 plants as well, planted directly in the soil with no special treatment - they are 'moneymaker'. Most are still green so I will see if I can ripen in batches - not enough windowsill space to do them all at once! Some are like apples! I am very surprised at how well they did this year after the tommie failure of last year.

Just look at the stupid amount of veg in my car boot! Tomatoes, courgettes, marrow, hooligan pumpkins, patty pans and a bucket o' runner beans. Took me 3 trips up and down stairs to get it all into the flat :P

This pic shows it a bit more organised in the kitchen. Looks like I have a busy week ahead! The runners went into the fridge as they go off the quickest. Next to sort is the tommies I think.

What a lot o' veg :P


Jo said...

What a fantastic harvest. It makes all the hard work worth while when you come home with a boot full. Try leaving a ripe banana with your tomatoes, the gas the banana releases will help to ripen the tomatoes.

Linda said...

What riches! Love the glowing colours.

Maureen said...

Oh my goodness ! and I thought I had big harvests. Your veg looks brilliant, I love the little squashes are they patty-pans ? if so I must grow some next year as I love squashes and cook a lot with them. Thank you for following my blog. I was just checking out my followers which I should have done before, and now wish I had !! I love your blog and will be back.

Steph said...

Hi Maureen, The disc-shaped yellow ones are (overgrown!) patty pans. The stripy pumpkins are 'Hooligan'. Thanks for dropping by :)