Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Why I don't like yellow/golden courgettes...

  • They don't taste of much, unlike green
  • They're quite slow-growing & not very prolific, unlike green
  • They don't break cleanly off the plant, unlike green
  • The skins are thicker than green
  • The seeds are much bigger and more coarse than green
  • The flesh is reasonably pithy, unlike green
  • They go off quicker than green

  • They look pretty

Hmm. Green courgettes all the way for me next year!


mangocheeks said...

Ah Steph.
You made me smile. Unlike you, I actually like yellow courgettes more than I do green. So funny. At least we agree on one thing, they look pretty


Damo said...

I must stick up for the poor yellow courgette, I quite like the taste of the variety I'm growing and they produce as quick as the green, albeit not as big, but I try to pick mine around the 6-8 inch mark and I always use a knife. I have 5 plants, 3 green and 2 yellow, as yet I haven't got fed up with either.

Carole said...

I think you should try a different variety of yellow courgette - I grow them and I much prefer them to the green. In previous years, they didn't do as well as the green, but this year, they are romping away and I have loads more courgettes.

Unfortunately, I have a bad memory and I can't remember which variety I grow and my seeds are in the garage and I am up in the loft.... :-)

Steph said...

haha! I see I am in the minority here! I planted 'gold rush'. Both plants a bit rubbish. Ho hum :P

Jo said...

I've only ever grown green courgettes, but I've got some seeds for yellow courgettes to grow next year so I'll give my verdict then.

Linda said...

That's a no to yellow, tho! But they do look so pretty. Perhaps you can shift them to the flower bed.

Maureen said...

I love yellow courgettes and they taste lovely sliced raw in a salad. Having said that I grew dozens of courgette plants this year - round yellow, long yellow, round green and long green. Guess what ?? I very foolishly gave all my long yellow plants away ( the plant tags got mixed up!) I still had the round yellow but they don't keep as long as the 'Long' ones. Try another named variety of yellow next year you might find you like them.