Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bloody weather!

Grr. When is this nasty wintery weather going to stop? Not had chance to go to the allotment because of all the snow we've had lately. Everything had just thawed but today, snow again!

I know with the ground frozen it would be pointless trying to dig my new beds but there is still burning & pruning I am behind on. The fruit bushes are too big to harvest the crop so I wanted to cut them into more manageable shapes. Hey ho, maybe soon I will be able to get on with my lottie jobs.

Stay warm :)


Jo said...

Sorry to hear you've got snow again. It's clear here at the moment but I don't quite know what the weather has in store for us over the next few days. I haven't been to the allotment this year yet.

Choclette said...

We've just been down to our plot after several weeks and it's not a pretty sight / site! Love the picture of your shed.